Make it count.

Ladies and gentlemen. Let's do some maths.

Very recently I've been able to post on the blog consistently every week. However, being away last weekend as it was a bank holiday weekend, meant I didn't make time to blog.
This means if I were to post every week, that totals to 52 posts. With 8 bank holidays in the UK work year where more than likely I will be away, that means I'll post roughly 44 articles during the year. 

During the whole year, you will most likely only hear from me 44 now calm down, I know exactly what you're screaming at me!
"Flare you're so silly, just post more articles!"
However that's the thing. I try and put as much thought as I can into these posts. Just posting any old thing, every other day, wouldn't interest anybody.

At Flare, we ensure quality shines through every aspect of what we do. It is our way of thinking and life. This little revelation reminded me of something that we should always remember. 
As you stare into the fire and the tribunals of life, always make it count.

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