The possibility of unperceived existence

If I smoke a pipe and not post a picture about it, did I ever really smoke that pipe?

If you ever sit and have a chilled session with the Flare Team, be prepared to have all your horizons explored and broadened. There are no ideas, concepts or suggestions we won't discuss. From experience I can tell you, some of our best innovation has been dreamt of from the strangest beginnings.

To elaborate, here are the minutes that developed from this evenings conversation:

  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Why is ice slippery?
  • Why do our fingers wrinkle but nothing else?
  • If I change every single piece of my shisha pipe over 10 years, is it still the same pipe?

Flare. Always trying to answer, explore and innovate through the most difficult questions.

Flare Shisha

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