The Flare Catalyst

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, a true innovation.
Really and truly this is a completely new product that has never hit the market before. Engineered by ourselves to the solve the issues we and undoubtedly every shisha enthusiast faces.

The Flare Catalyst provides so many benefits for such a simple and clean device.

Well, the very first thing you will notice about the Catalyst is that it is a silencer. However, unlike other silencers, the Catalyst doesn't compromise your drag in airflow. No noisy tiny bubbles, you get the same smoking experience with none of the downsides.

Molasses catching. Have you been smoking and the shisha flavour leaks down your pipe and into the water of your vase? Yes, this annoys us too. Your pipe and vase are stained with flavour and your water looks like it's the home of a three-eyed fish. Well, you can say goodbye to your unwanted fish. The unique design of the Catalyst will stop this from happening. The flavour gets collected in the Catalyst and doesn't spread anywhere else.

Reduction in ghosting. All metal pipes will ghost if shisha flavours leak into the pipe and the pipe isn't washed thoroughly. Well, now avoid this whole messy and awkward situation as the Catalyst stops shisha flavour from leaking into your pipe. Moreover, the Catalyst glass will ghost far less by nature and from the fact it is far easier to clean.

Upstream water disseminator. So your shisha feels a little harsh, you blow some air out but your purge valve is blocked and the pressure pushes water up your pipe, into your shisha head, ruining the tobacco for that smoke and completely kills your coals. Guess what buddy? The Catalyst will catch the water and stop it from reaching your shisha head. Now you can simply empty out the Catalyst and continue your smoking session.

Stop blowing out hot air. Heat sinking. With fully lit coals heating up your tobacco, one unwanted side effect is that your pipe starts to warm up that consequently warms up the water in the vase thus causing a warm smoke. With the Catalyst attached, you get a heat dispersing buffer that sinks the heat before it can warm up your pipe and water.

Until you try it, you'll never know how awesome it truly is. The friends of Flare who have tried it in Tunnel Lounge cannot smoke without it now!

Here is a quote that sums it up perfectly - this quote might have been said by me, but it is a quote nonetheless.

Beautifully designed, completely gorgeous yet unbelievably functional. The Flare Catalyst packs more features than you could ever imagine in a deceptively simple design. This unique must-have all glass accessory is the latest shisha innovation you never knew you needed.
— Someone (most definitely, well maybe, not me)

It has been a long time.

I shouldn't have left you. Without a good message to nod to. Nod to. Nod to. Nod to. Nod to.
Despite never succeeding to update anyone the first, second, or third....or ever really, I continually dust myself off to try again.
I have to start by saying, we genuinely have some of the best fans. You ladies and gentlemen have been so supportive on our journey in opening our first lounge.
Running Tunnel Lounge has been challenging, exciting and all in all just amazing. We've made lots of new friends and have learnt many new things.
I think I will start to blog how this journey has been, I know a few of you have suggested it would make for good reading, so bear with me and I'll see what I can start sharing.
I mean, Tunnel is slowly developing into the place we want it to be, it still has a lot of growing to do, a lot of character to build, but day by day it's getting there slowly.
However, ultimately, we always love it when we see your friendly faces come into the lounge to say hi, share smokes and just give us a reason to smile.
So firstly, thank you to you all.

Now, there are lots of updates I need to pass onto you ladies and gentlemen.
These will all be released slowly as and when it happens but to give you some highlights and an idea of what's coming up we have:
- The new Nova line being released! That's right, everyone's favourite shisha hose is coming back in stock with an extended range in choice!
- Our latest innovation, the Flare Catalyst, will be available from next week! This gadget you have to try to believe it yourselves.
- Rumours of a Flare travelling pipe? Maybe. Maybe they're more than rumours?
- Rumours of a second lounge? Well, maybe they're more than rumours? 

Keep watching this space ladies and gentlemen. Exciting events are just beyond the horizon.


Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you're sitting down because you're about to read a real game changer. 

A little while ago (*cough* 2 months ago *cough*) I spoke about three big pieces of news. The first was the refreshing of our website. The second was the expansion of the colour choice for the new Nova range. So what is the third?
Well, friends of Flare, after 2 months of keeping you waiting, I am very proud to announce that in these last 2 months, the Flare Shisha team has been working incredibly hard and we are now ready to open up our first UK shisha lounge! As you can imagine, it's just a very chilled out space, all open and transparent with our open shisha kitchen, super friendly and just an awesome space to visit and be in.
We've taken leaps and bounds to get it to its current stage, but the journey has just begun and so much more needs to be accomplished!
Nonetheless, we're really excited to have a hub to show everyone first hand how passionate we are about the shisha we smoke. From jet washed pipes, filtered water, high-quality flavours and mixes prepared with absolute precision. You can experience it all at:

The official launch will be 6pm this Sunday 14th May 2017. However, feel absolutely free to pop in any day this week as part of the soft launch to have a smokey filled chat with ourselves. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you, as without you, we wouldn't be here right now. 

Finally, with a physical presence, Flare Shisha is about to make the shisha scene a whole lot:
safer, smoother and smarter.

Let's talk about why.

Ladies and gentlemen, our website has been refreshed (....again....) for 2017!
Now, whenever we announce new items we try to focus on what really matters.

What - refresh new look.
Where - website.
When - right now.
How - many hours of hard work.

Now, notice how none of the above are interesting at all? No one cares about any of the above points. We could be sitting here telling you for pages upon pages about the what, where, when and how. However, the one we're all actually interested in is? Well, that's the why.

Firstly the new look is more efficient. It will now be easier for you to be able to navigate more freely around our site with no interruption, giving you a fluid shopping experience.
Secondly, this is the first part of a three-part update that will have you guys going absolutely mental with excitement.
We've had the coming news in the works for a while now, but finally, we're going to be able to reveal everything very soon! Hold on tight people, Doris isn't the only storm around...

"Yo Flare, you lot are a great disappointment you know that?"

"That's right. We are great."

Ladies and gentlemen, if there's anything we've learned very quickly on our journey to find the perfect smoke, it's that you can't let the situation dictate your thoughts. You have to stay positive, you have to believe in your dream, your vision and continue progressing as you mean to go on.

Becoming the UK's strongest and most favourite shisha brand was no accident. At Flare we don't just run on anecdotes and gut feelings, we are data driven. We listen to all the feedback from all our customers, we research every new market opportunity, we are bringing to the nation what the people want. Any decision we make is backed up with irrefutable proof, logic and strong underlying data. This is one of the many ideas that help make us so different from any of our competitors. You see, we're not just the leading UK shisha brand. We are the leading UK shisha brand that is backed up and driven by data.

Below is a map of every city where you can find customers, fans and friends of Flare. From Aberdeen to Plymouth, our fan base is continually growing as more and more people from the nation join the Flare journey. We can never thank all of you near enough for your support. It is because of every single one of you that we can truly say: "That's right. We are great."

9 out of 10 scientists would recommend Flare Shisha*

*Not all statistics are completely accurate on this blog.

However, you know what is accurate?
The current Naz Coal Burner sale price of £12.99 ladies and gentlemen.

An incredible saving on your favourite product AND a second blog post?
Is it Christmas all over again?
We know, we know! We just completely spoil you sometimes don't we? 

You see ladies and gentlemen when we say incredible things are coming your way, we live up to our word. As the biggest and leading UK shisha brand, we want to help everyone reach the perfect smoke. As we continue to bring innovating firsts to the UK market, we want to continue to be the people's brand of choice for the most excellent value as well as to be the highest quality available. This is simply because we want everyone to smoke safer, smoother and smarter. 

TLDR: Why spend more on dangerous and hazardous counterfeits? 
Instead, buy the original and market leading product that started it all...for even less.

£12.99 £32.99

Season Greetings.

Season greetings ladies and gentlemen!
Hope you all are enjoying beautiful times with loved ones, feasting as much as your tummies will take and watching all the festive movies time will allow.

Now, given that it is almost the end of the calendar year, let's take a moment to reflect.
Usually, these Flare posts follow a certain pattern:

We informed you something amazing is on the way.
The Aura released shortly after.
We informed you something amazing is on the way.
The Naz Coal Burner was released in phantom black.
We informed you something amazing is on the way.
The Nova released shortly after.

You savvy and beautiful people will see a pattern emerging - so you can see where this is going right?
That's right ladies and gentlemen - we're here to inform you that something amazing, is on the way.

We're on the cusp of something so revolutionary, we honestly don't know how to tell you this. Other than, if fate allows the right pieces to fall into the correct places, then everything will be different. We know, we know, you've heard it all before. However, haven't we always backed up our words with evidence? This time is no different.
Below is just a hint towards what will be hitting the UK Shisha scene in early 2017. We have many, amazing plans in place and as they all come alive, you, our fans will hear about them first.

Honestly ladies and gentlemen, in the coming weeks, hold onto your hats as we prepare to blow you away by bringing you closer to the perfect smoke.

Mini Nova or Super Nova?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

So something that's become apparent since our launch is that we haven't shouted out loudly how proud we are about the fact that the Nova is adjustable!

Depending completely on your personal preference, you can either choose to smoke in the 'Mini Nova' mode - which is the handle and the end piece.
Or the 'Super Nova' mode - which is the handle, the extension and the end piece, thus utilising all three pieces.
Completely down to your own smoking choice and preference, the Nova gives you the flexibility to enjoy your home smokes exactly how you want.

In our travels, one prevailing fact from all our customers is that relaxation is always the key to some of the best smokes. So, get your feet up and hold a hose you are completely comfortable with knowing it is as clean as it should be and the length you want it to be.

The Flare NOVA Hose

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure I would like to present to you...


The latest bold addition to the Flare family of products come packing a host of features, benefits and quality advantages above all others - the standards you can only expect from Flare.

AIRFLOW: The diameter of the Nova is purposefully larger than that of a usual standard hose to provide an effortless and smoother smoking experience.
CLEAN: Our hoses have the original platinum cured treatment, meaning no by-products can leach from it making it food grade safe.
QUALITY: The handle is forged from solid aluminium that is powerful in weight and quality. Its ergonomic design fits like a glove making it difficult to let go of and the cooling touch, quality weight and feel are unparalleled.
UK MADE: Our hoses have a 10 year minimum shelf life and comply with EU and water regulations.
TRAVEL CASE: Protect your hose with the handy travel case for when you want to take your Nova wherever you want to go.

This stunning high-quality hose will provide a smoking experience unlike anything else you have ever seen or have used to this day. We are excited for each and every one of you all to try and use The Nova as once you have, anything less can never do.

Available now from all your favourite stores:

The time is now.

I've said time and time again, words are cheap. In fact, they're free! I can tell you anything I want right now and it doesn't mean a thing. All it means is that you will be waiting for the results of the promises made from those said words. Whether they come to life is down to how truthful those words actually were.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I can finally start to reveal some of the results of the actions we've promised at Flare for some time now.
We've been so hard at work working with our suppliers to get these releases right. In fact, we still have so much to do!
However earlier we revealed our burner was available again - so many of you were waiting patiently for this to return and we thank you so much for your continued support. 

Now onto Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to tease you with a sneak peek of our latest product!
Is this concept art? Is it a prototype? When can we expect to see the real thing? Well here's the best news - this is the final, finished product that will be available this week!

Honestly, ladies and gentlemen we're genuinely excited to get this to yourselves so you can proudly own this amazing product.
I can assure you when this releases this will be unlike anything you've ever seen before. I hope you are all ready - the game is about to be changed.

Make it count.

Ladies and gentlemen. Let's do some maths.

Very recently I've been able to post on the blog consistently every week. However, being away last weekend as it was a bank holiday weekend, meant I didn't make time to blog.
This means if I were to post every week, that totals to 52 posts. With 8 bank holidays in the UK work year where more than likely I will be away, that means I'll post roughly 44 articles during the year. 

During the whole year, you will most likely only hear from me 44 now calm down, I know exactly what you're screaming at me!
"Flare you're so silly, just post more articles!"
However that's the thing. I try and put as much thought as I can into these posts. Just posting any old thing, every other day, wouldn't interest anybody.

At Flare, we ensure quality shines through every aspect of what we do. It is our way of thinking and life. This little revelation reminded me of something that we should always remember. 
As you stare into the fire and the tribunals of life, always make it count.

The possibility of unperceived existence

If I smoke a pipe and not post a picture about it, did I ever really smoke that pipe?

If you ever sit and have a chilled session with the Flare Team, be prepared to have all your horizons explored and broadened. There are no ideas, concepts or suggestions we won't discuss. From experience I can tell you, some of our best innovation has been dreamt of from the strangest beginnings.

To elaborate, here are the minutes that developed from this evenings conversation:

  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Why is ice slippery?
  • Why do our fingers wrinkle but nothing else?
  • If I change every single piece of my shisha pipe over 10 years, is it still the same pipe?

Flare. Always trying to answer, explore and innovate through the most difficult questions.


That moment when you stare at one item, then to something else, then back again, then back again, then back again and back again.
These past few weeks have had us testing and testing many new features, concepts and ideas.
Consequently we have many of these enlightening moments at Flare which could not be better captured than by this classic Simpsons moment.
Sigh....if only our ideas didn't end up as bad as Barts....

Who said working hard had to be hard work?

We love what we do at Flare Shisha.
Case in point, just very recently as part of our adventures we took a road trip to a shisha expo that was being held in Frankfurt. We took it upon ourselves to drive down, venture to our European neighbours just so we can bring back to you the absolute best things we saw. This is what I mean, it's terribly hard work but someone has to do it ladies and gentlemen.
To kick things off, this was one of my personal favourite stalls. Who wouldn't love an evening chilled smoke with their own custom designed bowl?
I call dibs on the Bat and Cat.

Back to banter

A new post so soon? I know I know, we really do spoil you sometimes but enjoy it while it lasts ladies and gentlemen, who knows what crazy adventure will carry us away for months on end with no word or warning....
More importantly thank you for all your messages and support - it really is good to be back on The Chronicles and hopefully with more consistent updates for you all, even during any crazy adventures.
So with London basking in 27 degrees of sun shining glorious weather, let us kick off the shisha banter with some bright and summery shisha art for you all.

Seventeen. Ninety. Nine.

Ladies and gentlemen.

I genuinely cannot believe that the last time an item was posted on this blog was last November. It is always on my mind, thus thinking about it always gives me the illusion that it is being worked upon and looked at. However time and time again I've said on here, it isn't all about your intentions, it's about the actions you take. Thankfully with this post I have some proof of the hard work that has been occupying us here at Flare.

Do you know what all these items have in common - other than making fine Valentine presents? That's correct - they each cost just £17.99.
Many of you already know, that we've done a lot recently to get our core business processes much more streamlined and efficient. Finally with these effects in place, we can pass on these savings to you! 

So what's next? To be honest ladies and gentlemen - I cannot say. We are working in a very agile environment, projects are being picked up, worked on, tested, dropped, signed off. Anything could roll out in few weeks or maybe even tomorrow. It is rather exciting but a pain to plan and forecast. So I shall leave this message with no promises nor plans, just a simple - until next time my friends!

The Story of the Hiatus IV

Faith is what we have in abundance here at Flare. We have faith in our capabilities, our experiences and our knowledge. It is this belief that has lead us to where we are now. All simply because we know our vision, the vision we chase, the vision we will ourselves towards closer to with each passing day.

However what truly is the greatest feat we can ever accomplish? It is having a strong band of fans who also see and share the very same vision. Without your support, well let's be honest, there would be no point would there?

So from everyone at Flare, we thank you all once again.
We thank you for joining us on our crusade. During this time where t
he leaves of Autumn have all fallen, the light of day becomes ever more scarce and the days become ever colder. Let's go venture out into the dark, holding high the beacon that will find the perfect smoke...