Season Greetings.

Season greetings ladies and gentlemen!
Hope you all are enjoying beautiful times with loved ones, feasting as much as your tummies will take and watching all the festive movies time will allow.

Now, given that it is almost the end of the calendar year, let's take a moment to reflect.
Usually, these Flare posts follow a certain pattern:

We informed you something amazing is on the way.
The Aura released shortly after.
We informed you something amazing is on the way.
The Naz Coal Burner was released in phantom black.
We informed you something amazing is on the way.
The Nova released shortly after.

You savvy and beautiful people will see a pattern emerging - so you can see where this is going right?
That's right ladies and gentlemen - we're here to inform you that something amazing, is on the way.

We're on the cusp of something so revolutionary, we honestly don't know how to tell you this. Other than, if fate allows the right pieces to fall into the correct places, then everything will be different. We know, we know, you've heard it all before. However, haven't we always backed up our words with evidence? This time is no different.
Below is just a hint towards what will be hitting the UK Shisha scene in early 2017. We have many, amazing plans in place and as they all come alive, you, our fans will hear about them first.

Honestly ladies and gentlemen, in the coming weeks, hold onto your hats as we prepare to blow you away by bringing you closer to the perfect smoke.

Flare Shisha

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