9 out of 10 scientists would recommend Flare Shisha*

*Not all statistics are completely accurate on this blog.

However, you know what is accurate?
The current Naz Coal Burner sale price of £12.99 ladies and gentlemen.

An incredible saving on your favourite product AND a second blog post?
Is it Christmas all over again?
We know, we know! We just completely spoil you sometimes don't we? 

You see ladies and gentlemen when we say incredible things are coming your way, we live up to our word. As the biggest and leading UK shisha brand, we want to help everyone reach the perfect smoke. As we continue to bring innovating firsts to the UK market, we want to continue to be the people's brand of choice for the most excellent value as well as to be the highest quality available. This is simply because we want everyone to smoke safer, smoother and smarter. 

TLDR: Why spend more on dangerous and hazardous counterfeits? 
Instead, buy the original and market leading product that started it all...for even less.

£12.99 £32.99

Flare Shisha

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We want to bring innovation to the shisha experience for that safer, smoother and smarter smoke.