The time is now.

I've said time and time again, words are cheap. In fact, they're free! I can tell you anything I want right now and it doesn't mean a thing. All it means is that you will be waiting for the results of the promises made from those said words. Whether they come to life is down to how truthful those words actually were.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I can finally start to reveal some of the results of the actions we've promised at Flare for some time now.
We've been so hard at work working with our suppliers to get these releases right. In fact, we still have so much to do!
However earlier we revealed our burner was available again - so many of you were waiting patiently for this to return and we thank you so much for your continued support. 

Now onto Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to tease you with a sneak peek of our latest product!
Is this concept art? Is it a prototype? When can we expect to see the real thing? Well here's the best news - this is the final, finished product that will be available this week!

Honestly, ladies and gentlemen we're genuinely excited to get this to yourselves so you can proudly own this amazing product.
I can assure you when this releases this will be unlike anything you've ever seen before. I hope you are all ready - the game is about to be changed.

Flare Shisha

Flare Shisha Ltd, 22 Wenlock Road, London, , N1 7TA

We want to bring innovation to the shisha experience for that safer, smoother and smarter smoke.