"Wait, the only reason you haven't posted anything is because your computer was lost in all that smoke?"

At Flare we're not afraid to take bold steps or risks in order to excel into the next realm.
However to do this, sometimes drastic actions need to be taken. Actions such as locking ourselves in a basement, boarding up the windows and bolting the doors shut with the keys out of sight. We have spent our 2015 back in time by taking the shisha experience back to the basics. We've stripped away all the gimmicks and embellishments from the smoking experience that has been thrown at us recently. Taking a massive leap back and really questioning what us, the shisha lovers actually need and want. Needless to say the light hurt our eyes as we exited the clouded box that became the birth place of the innovations we had thought up in our exile.

Now we begin the journey of transitioning these ideas into reality. We're very excited about what we have planned and we will keep you all apprised of each update as it happens. Moreover as a thank you to show our appreciation to you, the loyal and most dedicated supporters of Flare, we have rewarding surprises lined up just for you that we will hopefully have ready within the next few weeks...

Forget what you think you know about shisha. We're about to blind your sight with the innovation that will guide you through the smoke into a new dimension of shisha smoking.

Amazing photography by - Kyle Thompson

Flare Shisha

Flare Shisha Ltd, 22 Wenlock Road, London, , N1 7TA

We want to bring innovation to the shisha experience for that safer, smoother and smarter smoke.