Guess who's back?

No, it ain't Shady.

However you can tell a friend that Flare Shisha is back again with a fresh new feel!
"But Flare, didn't you only refresh your website only 7 months ago?"
"Yes. Yes we did...but that was SO last year."
You see, we're always on the lookout for the next best thing, to stay ahead of the game and lead the way. The first point of communication, the very first impression we can make on you is our website - and you don't get second chances with first impressions. The attention to detail, the style and quality of our work should shine through everything that is produced by us. Which is why we've updated our site. Again. New fans will be better able to grasp what we're about as a company and existing fans will have a brand they are even more proud of to share.

Website aside, this refresh is the nudge on a snowball that will pick up speed, gain momentum and continue to build itself into something bigger. The Flare calender has so much planned for the rest of the year. You, the fans, are going to be part of something really special.

We know it felt empty without us - but rest assured we're getting closer to the perfect smoke.

Flare Shisha

Flare Shisha Ltd, 22 Wenlock Road, London, , N1 7TA

We want to bring innovation to the shisha experience for that safer, smoother and smarter smoke.