The Story of the Hiatus II

The awakening.
This was the moment of the rebirth my friends. The moment we all accepted we had done wrong. That we had left what we started for far too long. However, before we could seek our forgiveness, we needed to remember this moment. We needed a way to never forget the mistakes we had committed. We needed our own penance. So, it began....

The slapping.
That's right ladies and gentlemen. Everyone in the room turned to the person on their left. Then with all the mighty force we could conjure up into our arm, we let fly across a barrage of "reminders". One by one, we took our turn to fill the room with the sounds of thunder. Faces became red, palms became sore, tears were shed. It was brutal. Or at least metaphorically speaking it was.

Of course we didn't really all slap each others faces as hard as we possibly could......twice.

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