Mini Nova or Super Nova?

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

So something that's become apparent since our launch is that we haven't shouted out loudly how proud we are about the fact that the Nova is adjustable!

Depending completely on your personal preference, you can either choose to smoke in the 'Mini Nova' mode - which is the handle and the end piece.
Or the 'Super Nova' mode - which is the handle, the extension and the end piece, thus utilising all three pieces.
Completely down to your own smoking choice and preference, the Nova gives you the flexibility to enjoy your home smokes exactly how you want.

In our travels, one prevailing fact from all our customers is that relaxation is always the key to some of the best smokes. So, get your feet up and hold a hose you are completely comfortable with knowing it is as clean as it should be and the length you want it to be.

Flare Shisha

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