Seventeen. Ninety. Nine.

Ladies and gentlemen.

I genuinely cannot believe that the last time an item was posted on this blog was last November. It is always on my mind, thus thinking about it always gives me the illusion that it is being worked upon and looked at. However time and time again I've said on here, it isn't all about your intentions, it's about the actions you take. Thankfully with this post I have some proof of the hard work that has been occupying us here at Flare.

Do you know what all these items have in common - other than making fine Valentine presents? That's correct - they each cost just £17.99.
Many of you already know, that we've done a lot recently to get our core business processes much more streamlined and efficient. Finally with these effects in place, we can pass on these savings to you! 

So what's next? To be honest ladies and gentlemen - I cannot say. We are working in a very agile environment, projects are being picked up, worked on, tested, dropped, signed off. Anything could roll out in few weeks or maybe even tomorrow. It is rather exciting but a pain to plan and forecast. So I shall leave this message with no promises nor plans, just a simple - until next time my friends!

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