Hello Flare fans - The Flare Chronicles is BACK!

Thank you for all your support and patience during this reshaping period, but finally, we're back!
This was the last piece of the puzzle that was missing, but we now have it fixed and rearing to go.

During this time so much has happened to update:
The Flare brand has been updated to bring the feel more in line with our mission statement.
Our website now has an easier, more modern feel to match our re-branding.
The NCB has made a return with a new slicker design - available directly from our website and on eBay!
We have launched the Aura, a divine hose like no other - available directly from our website, eBay and Amazon!

Not only that, we have many more plans under way which we know you all will love as much as we do.
These will all be launched and released in due time, we will provide hints but as you can guess, they will all be about bringing that safer smoother smoking experience.
Between now and then, The Flare Chronicles will be back in full swing, so stay tuned for Shisha news and jokes.

As always please send in your pics, reviews and questions, we are always happy to answer and help.

Lastly, why The Rock you may ask? Well, you know we're going to say it doesn't matter...

Can you smell, what Flare Shisha, is cooking?

Can you smell, what Flare Shisha, is cooking?

Flare Shisha

Flare Shisha Ltd, 22 Wenlock Road, London, , N1 7TA

We want to bring innovation to the shisha experience for that safer, smoother and smarter smoke.