The Story of the Hiatus IV

Faith is what we have in abundance here at Flare. We have faith in our capabilities, our experiences and our knowledge. It is this belief that has lead us to where we are now. All simply because we know our vision, the vision we chase, the vision we will ourselves towards closer to with each passing day.

However what truly is the greatest feat we can ever accomplish? It is having a strong band of fans who also see and share the very same vision. Without your support, well let's be honest, there would be no point would there?

So from everyone at Flare, we thank you all once again.
We thank you for joining us on our crusade. During this time where t
he leaves of Autumn have all fallen, the light of day becomes ever more scarce and the days become ever colder. Let's go venture out into the dark, holding high the beacon that will find the perfect smoke...

Flare Shisha

Flare Shisha Ltd, 22 Wenlock Road, London, , N1 7TA

We want to bring innovation to the shisha experience for that safer, smoother and smarter smoke.