NOVA HOSE (Purple)

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NOVA HOSE (Purple)

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A star which suddenly flares up several times its own size in the middle of an interstellar cloud - this is the closest description of the experience provided by our new Nova Hose.

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When you invest the initial hard work into building a solid platform, the challenge of taking off again becomes much easier. The Aura Hose successfully voyaged a pioneering path of revolution in the UK with its modern features that excelled the smoking experience. We have therefore taken all the divine greatness provided by the Aura Hose and have developed a bright new successor.

The nature of the Nova:

  • Solar Winds: Very much like the charged photons that continuously flow and permeates the solar system, the airflow of the Nova is a steady and continuous flowing experience. The meticulously chosen specifications and dimensions for the Aura live true here to maintain the famously unparalleled effortless smoking experience.
  • British Engineering: Everyone knows that when it comes to technological innovation and quality, you don't have to look further than the UK for a long list of some of the greatest world-changing inventions. Innovation that ranges from carbon fibre to the internet and quality ranging from the McClaren F1 to the Philae lander. Hence like the Aura, the silicon sourced for the Nova Hose is manufactured in England to guarantee our customers the highest quality of product experiences. Our silicon has a ten-year minimum shelf life, is manufactured from FDA compliant materials and is manufactured in accordance with EU Regulations. We are the original UK shisha brand to bring you platinum cured technology to our hoses which ensure the highest quality in food grade safety. Our space grey colouring is still transparent so the quality and cleanliness of your hose can be monitored and maintained. All these innovations and high quality mean you can keep washing your Nova Hose after every smoke to keep it fresh and as free from ghosting as possible for that long lasting clean smoking experience.
  • Supernova: Arguably the Auras most popular feature was its beautifully and ergonomically designed handle that was powerful in weight and quality. The Nova handle is no different. Made from the same high-quality solid aluminium, the Nova has a familiar feel for users who enjoyed this unique experience previously but now with a bold, modern, head-turning beauty. Moreover, you can now expand your Nova with the extension piece for a longer handle experience. Choose with your own preference whether you want to smoke the Nova at it's standard or maximum size.

Following up something as mighty as the Aura was never going to be easy. However the innovation, quality and thought behind the Nova has allowed for it to supersede beyond in all dimensions and truly be in a class of its own as an industry leader in being safer, cleaner and a smoother experience in your shisha smoking.