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Flare Shisha Aura Hose 6.jpg
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Aura is the Greek Titaness of air flow; she is described as the personification of the cool morning breeze – a fitting name therefore for our new hose.

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We know that after using traditional hoses for so long, certain unwanted side effects start to slowly degrade the quality of the smoke. We accessed these issues one by one thinking what we can do to reduce or eliminate them. After some time we are now proud to present the Aura Hose.

The nature of the Aura:

  • Morning Breeze: As its name would suggest, the airflow provided by the Aura is divine. The diameter of the hose is purposefully larger than that of a usual standard hose to provide an effortless and smoother smoking experience.
  • Clean: Traditional wooden/copper hoses dampen and corrode from the moisture of the smoke, causing a build up of rust and ghosting your smoke with unwanted tastes. The body of the Aura hose itself is made from high quality food grade silicon. This does not dampen nor rust and in addition it can be washed after every smoke and so it minimises ghosting thus providing that cleaner smoke.
  • Power: Wielding the handle of the Aura is to wield Zeus’ sceptre itself. The handle is forged from solid billet aluminium that is powerful in weight and quality. Its ergonomic design fits like a glove making it difficult to let go of and the cooling touch, quality weight and feel are unparalleled.

We have largely eliminated all the flaws that have become known as a standard with the traditional hose. Taking the steps forward to raise what is acceptable in this criterion by bringing a new, longer lasting clean modern feel. We can only hope that we have done the Titaness proud, but we believe the Aura is truly a deity among other hoses.